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I have a lot of body issues myself. I’m built for strength; wide hips, wide shoulders, on a short frame. I’ve never been slim, and petite like the girls I am constantly told I should compare myself to. When i was growing up I tended to relate more to male role-models. All of my childhood hero’s were men who idealized the things I wanted for myself; Intelligence, strength, mystery, power, etc… When I look back at it I am saddened by the fact that I have no female hero’s from that time. Nowadays i can point to Amanda Palmer and Felicia Day to name a few.

The video above is an awesome person (Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy) laying it bare about body issues as part of the “What’s Underneath Project”. I think we all have a lot of things about ourselves that it is hard to accept, but we can keep working on it. Maybe one day we will all see ourselves as beautiful and wonderful as others do. I suggest you give it a watch.

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gimmebackmyurl asked: you are awesome, brought a tear to my eye with your husbands presents

Aw thanks. It’s a little thing I can do every year that makes his day extra special.

I like your art inspiration page. Especially that wolf head sculpture. Very cool stuff!

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As with every year I wrapped my husbands presents as sculptures to his favorite things. You can see examples of some of the older ones here. This year I went for board game pieces since most of his birthday presents were, in fact, board games.

I scanned a few real cards and edited them in Photoshop to have him included in them. The girl at Staples had a good laugh when I explained why I needed them printed. Afterwards I wrapped the gifts in plain white paper and glued the pictures on with spray adhesive.

The giant Meeple was the hardest to wrap. I cut out 2 foam boards in the correct shape and taped them together with a small shelf inside to hold a book. Then I wrapped the entire thing in tissue paper. If you have never wrapped a strangely shaped object in tissue paper before. trust me, patience is the key. The paper will rip if you look at it funny.

As an added bonus he had said he wanted a box for his dungeon dice. I bought a raw wooden box, burned the logo into the top, stained it, and lined the inside with felt. A few days before his birthday, my husband hear the box fall out of the closet. I raced to intercept him and said “Don’t look! It’s your birthday present!”

"What did you get me? Something alive?" He asked.

"Yes, it is a box of bats. Now go away." It was the first thing that came to mind so I ran with it. I filled the Dungeon Dice box with felt bats and wrote "Angry bats. Keep out!" All over the box I was hiding it in.

As my husband unwrapped his presents he got to keep track of all the awesomeness with a handy present that served score-card. I am not sure what next year will bring, but I’m sure it will be fun to build.


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