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So I recently participated in two reddit gift exchanges r/books #2 and T-Shirts #1. The rules were pretty simple. You are assigned a random person to buy a gift for, you send said gift, someone else sends you a gift.

My gifters sent me some pretty cool stuff. The book gifter sent out the first two books of his favorite series and a hand painted Dalek. Super cool points for the artwork. The other gifter sent me a really sweet tee-shirt. I love reddit gifts. It is way to do nice things for people you don’t know just for the simple sake of making them happy. It totally goes with my belief that people should be nice for nice sake. The world would be a better place. So check out Reddit Gifts if you like super cool secret santa fun and you might even get matched up with me. :) (I’m still hoping to be matched with Wil Wheaton. He is a pretty kick ass person)

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